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Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling Doctor in Delhi India

Dr. Manish Sarkar is a senior Psychiatrist, Marriage counselor & Sex consultant, practicing in Delhi since 15 years. He has been a pioneer in setting up one of the best Family & Marriage Counselling Clinic in New Delhi. Over the years he has helped and guided thousands of individuals with their personal and psychological concerns and has played a vital role in saving innumerable marriages and relationships. Over the past ten years only, he has conducted over 100 workshops on various topics such as Self Enrichment, Anger & Anxiety Management, Marriage Enrichment, Effective Parenting, and many more training programs for schools, corporates and society at large.

Marriage counselling is a process of giving advice, assistance, guidance, help and so forth (especially by a qualified marriage counsellor) to the marital partners in an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress. Marriage counselling involves recommending a course of action to solve personal difficulties and gives individuals the chance to talk about their issues in a comfortable and confidential manner.

Marriage Counselling Doctor in Delhi process may need anywhere between 1 to 3 sessions. However, for a much better and long-term result, what is required is “individual therapy” (5 to 7 sessions), followed by couple therapy (another 5 sessions approximately). Therapy basically means treatment without medicines, but here it means more of healing and training the individuals to improve and maintain their relationships. Individual relationship therapy is more about seemingly intractable problems with a relationship history, where emotions are the target and the agent of change. It has lot to do with the past, even the childhood. The best time to prevent a divorce is before marriage. hence, pre-marital counseling can be very useful in today’s circumstances.

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